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The St. Agnes area is host to a huge range of events, from annual occasions like the Bolster Festival, St. Agnes Carnival and Bellyboarding Championships to one-off gigs, coffee mornings and market days.

Our community hosts many charity events throughout the year that involve the whole village and welcome visitor participation. Check out the full calendar to see what's on when.

If you would like to see your event, gig, evening class or any other activity publicised here, email the details to whatson@st-agnes.com

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Bolster Festival

St Agnes

Time: Sat 3:00pm - Sun 6:30pm

This annual festival celebrates the very best in Cornish storytelling, music and the arts, and involves a colourful pageant where all the village come out to see the Giant Bolster parade through the streets.

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Type: Community, Festival, Music, Dog friendly

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